Fincons Group and the Municipality of Bari deliver Smart Working

Fincons Group and the Municipality of Bari deliver Smart Working

Press Review

Fincons Group, a leading IT business consulting company with over 35 years’ experience internationally, and the Municipality of Bari have formed a partnership for a pilot Smart Working project as part of H2020 CITADEL (Empowering Citizens to Transform European Public Administrations, funded by the European Commission) ecosystem. The project envisages the development of a prototype using Blockchain and the involvement of some Municipality employees that will perform some of their duties in ‘agile working’ mode.

Public sector institutions are called upon to adapt their performance measurement and evaluation systems by adopting adequate organisational, technological and security measures, to verify the latter’s impact on the quality of service, effectiveness and efficiency of administration, on employee work-life balance, on process and worker security, including data protection in light of the introduction of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The Municipality of Bari has officialised the introduction of this new mode of working and is looking to experiment with innovative ICT solutions that enable the management of Smart Work and of employees within a specific framework. This framework mandates the following conditions: at least one day of flexible working a week between 6am and 10pm with 2 hours compulsory availability, the ability for workers to freely structure the day in an agile way by working some of the time from the office and in part remotely (or entirely remotely in Smart Working), as well as the ability to introduce interruptions and re-starts throughout the working day.

Fincons Group’s solution is based on Ethereum DLT technology (Distributed Ledger Technology) combined with sophisticated and innovative encryption techniques that guarantee the integrity, reliability and traceability of information managed as provided by DLT, as well as full GDPR compliance.

The Smart Working project sits well within the CITADEL objectives whose aim is to improve strategies and processes within public administration to offer increasingly efficient digital services that are more inclusive and citizen-centred. Fincons and the Apulia Region are two of 12 partners from 5 European nations that cooperate in this project and that together create an ideal mix of different ideas and perspectives, by bringing their own specific capabilities and backgrounds: from social research and technology to the development of industrial prototypes that are applicable in real-life.