Fincons Group in "Italy's Best Employers 2021"

Delighted to open today's Corriere della Sera and find Fincons Group both in "Italy's Best Employers 2021" ranking drawn up by Statista and also featuring in a full-page article that tells our story and explains the basis of the growth sustained in recent years while always focusing on developing new talent.

Statista drew up the ranking by independently contacting several employees from various companies in Italy. They were asked to respond spontaneously to questions regarding the working conditions in the company, in particular on: workloads, remuneration, prospects for growth, relationship with superiors, etc.

From this survey, the ranking that rewards the best 400 companies, Italian and Italian multinationals, in various product sectors was drawn up. Fincons Group ranked 18th in the IT sector segment.

We want to thank all the employees who have contributed with their valuable feedback and who have allowed Fincons Group to appear The Economy of Corriere della Sera. The trust in the Group shown by our people confirms and acknowledges the attention that Fincons has always placed in them.