"La Puglia che va" - Interview with Michele Moretti
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"La Puglia che va" - Interview with Michele Moretti

The Bari Delivery Center in its driving role for Group growth, the new Fincons Future Gateway building in proximity of the airport to be completed by the end of 2021, our portfolio of prestigious clients, our innovative digital projects and cutting-edge solutions: these are just some of the themes covered by our CEO and Owner Michele Moretti in the “La Puglia che va” (Apulia that works) programme, aired on 16th June. The segment, broadcast by RAI 3, the Italian state TV, is devoted to presenting the most active and high-profile businesses in the region.

The Delivery Center’s growth has exceeded expectations and, as Michele Moretti explains, finds its differentiator in the in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and in the ability to propose technologically advanced projects that are poised towards the future: from digital transformation for insurance companies and banks, to solutions for leading Energy, Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing and Public Administration sector players, through to the management of television rights for important international broadcasters and innovative projects that deal with social issues.

Our success owes its strength to a solid vision, to the ability to build a dense network of partnerships with institutions, universities and research centers and to continuous investments. The careful search and selection of young talent continues, and we expect to onboard 300 valuable resources in the Bari center in the near future.

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