35 years of Fincons Group. What our clients say

Interview with Simone Tettamanti, Senior Vice President IT Division, Group CIO Cornèr Bank

Simone Tettamanti, Senior VP IT Division, Group CIO of Cornèr Bank, explains the value of our long-term collaboration and why Fincons has been chosen as a strategic partner for their digital transformation.

Fincons Group’s editorial project, that in the year of its thirty-fifth anniversary gives voice to some of the Group’s most important clients, is continuing. After the video interviews with Maurizio Galli - Mediaset Group, Umberto Tonelli - RCS MediaGroup, and Marco Peyer - Swiss Re, it’s now up to Simone Tettamanti - Senior Vice President IT Division, Group CIO of Cornèr Bank, to explain how Fincons has become such a strategic partner for the Bank for many successful projects.

Thanks to its experience and ability, the Group has also been chosen to support the Bank in its digital transformation: “Fincons is bringing great value to our company, […] they are one of our top business partners. […] We have continuously worked very well together because they carefully listen to our needs, responding promptly with the correct analysis and development activities”.

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