Fincons Group Joins Forces with Ab Initio to Deliver Next-Gen Data Governance
Press release

Fincons Group Joins Forces with Ab Initio to Deliver Next-Gen Data Governance

A Powerful Consulting and Technology Partnership Supporting Data-Driven Organisations

Milan, March 23, 2023 - Fincons Group, a leading international IT business consulting and system integration company with over 2600 professionals in Europe and the USA, has partnered with Ab Initio, a global provider of an integrated technology platform for scalable, high-performance data processing, integration, and governance.

Through this partnership, Fincons Group will enhance its service capabilities by leveraging Ab Initio's Data Catalog, Quality, and Governance platform. This will empower users with understandable, measurable, and trustworthy data across various sectors, including Financial Services and Insurance, Manufacturing, International Institutions, Transportation, Energy & Utilities, and Media.

This cooperation further bolsters Fincons’ data excellence offering, via the implementation, configuration and integration of state-of-the-art solutions offered by Ab Initio. Initially, the companies will focus on a tailored governance solution for the financial services and insurance sector in Europe, with plenty of scope for expansion as Fincons' consolidated international customer base calls for new solutions to help companies become more data-driven.

"As a leading force behind some of the world's most sophisticated data infrastructures, Ab Initio takes pride in its comprehensive Data Governance capabilities. From data cataloging to enterprise data quality and PII management, our end-to-end governance solutions are designed to meet the most stringent compliance and security requirements in highly competitive markets," explains Federico Genoese Zerbi, who oversees Southern Europe at Ab Initio. "By rapidly harnessing the power diverse data from across the enterprise, businesses can gain a strategic advantage over their competitors. Our automated features reduce costs associated with metadata and governance initiatives and empower users with self-service capabilities."

“We are pleased to continue to expand our strategic partnerships with game-changing technology solutions to help our clients internationally empower their business through data that users can understand, measure and trust. As data becomes more and more pivotal to achieving success, businesses are now prioritising the implementation of an efficient and reliable data governance platform. Fincons always strives to identify and select the best solutions available for our clients, so we’re delighted to add Ab Initio’s data platform to our offering, which paired with our system integration experience and know-how will help businesses achieve data excellence,” declares Francesco Moretti, Group Deputy CEO and International CEO of Fincons Group.