Press release

Fincons Group welcomes startups in its Future Gateway

Press release

Fincons hosts a group of 5 startups for the first appointment of the Open Innovation Summit for Manufacturing in its newly opened building in Bari

Bari, 9th November 2022 - Fincons Group, an international IT business consulting and system integration company with 40 years’ experience on the market and 2,600 people worldwide, opens the doors of its Future Gateway in Bari to the first working group of the Open Innovation Summit for Manufacturing.  The new innovation centre is built according to the most modern technological standards and the event has the objective of creating a productive and collaborative environment aimed at the realization of innovation projects in the manufacturing sector. 

The 5 startups selected are part of the Fincons Open Innovation Platform, designed to support lean manufacturing processes through the use of the most advanced enabling technologies for industry 5.0 thanks to a streamlined, modular, flexible and scalable application suite. 

Michele Moretti, CEO at Fincons Group, comments: “We are thrilled to offer an opportunity for the tech world to meet and grow at our new Future Gateway, opened just a month ago, which opens its doors to talented startups and local universities for discussion and sharing of new ideas and partnerships in academics, design and new spin-offs. The initiative provides us with the first official opportunity to consolidate and confirm Fincons' commitment on the issues of digital development and investment in the local area and young people".

Participants are:

  •  WIDEVERSE, a Bari based innovative startup, spin-off of the Polytechnic of Bari that develops products based on virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • MIRAITEK, based in Milan, a spin-off of the Milan Polytechnic that combines industrial engineering excellence with technological innovation. Miraitek collects, reads and analyses the operating data of production plants and transforms it into information to maximize the efficiency of production resources.
  • NEXTOME, based in Conversano (BA), is an innovative SME specialized in advanced localization, monitoring and real-time tracking technologies for the safety, productivity and efficiency of production and logistics processes of complex companies and organizations.
  • INVENTIO.AI, based in Fossano (CN), provides its customers with the most advanced artificial intelligence tools, opening up new important possibilities in multiple contexts, facilitating the transition towards the efficiency of products and processes to greater sustainability.
  • TRAENT, based in Pisa, develops hybrid blockchain technologies and has created a new technical solution to obtain the immutability of verifiable data on private registers. The innovative platform allows the integration of multiple information systems in silos even outside of the organization, improving collaboration, trust and sustainability.

Open Innovation is based on the strategic and cultural approach according to which companies, in order to create more value and compete better on the market, choose to adopt internal ideas and resources but also and above all ideas, solutions, tools and technological skills that they come from outside, in particular from startups, universities, research institutes. Having adopted this strategy allows us to operate effectively in pursuing innovation and the implementation of the Digital Transformation of our customers' processes, reducing time to market and constantly providing cutting-edge technologies,” states Antonio De Girolamo, Director of Solutions and Development of Business Unit Manufacturing and Talent Outreach and University Relations Coordinator at Fincons Group. In fact, in addition to the startups, local Universities with which solid partnerships have been formed also take part in the initiative: University of Bari Aldo Moro, the Polytechnic University of Bari and LUM are all important sources of innovative stimulus and a source of specialist talent in innovation and emerging technologies.

Francesco Moretti, Group Deputy CEO and CEO International, concludes: “The Future Gateway represents a further step in our commitment to continue to be pioneers of innovation and to offer our customers in various sectors the most advanced solutions. This is a key centre for technological development in Italy, thanks to which we can carry out initiatives like these, bridging innovation and the market."