Fincons Group Wins 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award  Together with Mediaset and Publitalia ‘80
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Fincons Group Wins 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award Together with Mediaset and Publitalia ‘80

Milan — 03 May 2023 – Fincons Group announced that its Mediaset / Publitalia ’80 Dynamic Ad Insertion is a Best Asset Management /Automation / Playout winner in the 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards. This official awards program recognizes the most significant and promising new products and technologies showcased by corporate partners of NAB Show. 

With the support of Fincons Group, Mediaset (part of the holding MFE), a major European broadcaster, and its advertising sales house Publitalia ’80 have developed a new Dynamic Advertising Insertion (DAI) solution to enhance addressable advertising on Connected TVs. The project is part of a strategic advertising product suite, named ADD+PLUS, combining several Addressable TV Advertising features and formats, both display and video, into a unique innovative proposition to the market.

DAI enables the automatic replacement of traditional one-to-many broadcast ads with one-to-one broadband advertising, which reaches viewers directly via Connected TV sets thanks to the HbbTV standard for European markets, and to the ATSC3 for US ones. The aim of this solution is providing a better advertising experience to the TV audience, serving relevant ads to the right target. 

From a technology perspective, the most recent and innovative step of this multi-year initiative is the enablement of frame accurate ad replacement, being the first pilot implementation available on the market based on the latest HbbTV-TA specification of the European standard. 

“The sales house perceived the importance of developing a dedicated offer for Connected TV in 2017, being the first to launch in Italy a new addressable advertising solution”, says Paola Colombo, General Manager AdTech & Business Development of Publitalia ’80. “The collaboration with local and international technical partners has always played a fundamental role in order to propose to clients an ever-evolving product suit. 

Thanks to Fincons’ support, the adoption of a robust DAI solution gave us the way to strengthen our video offer, allowing clients who plan on-demand video campaigns on smart TV to extend the delivery also on linear break and selectively reach out to specific targets thanks to profiling opportunities provided by Connected TV. 

Since the very beginning Publitalia ’80 has partnered with Fincons and its technological know-how has represented the starting point to develop a unique, varied and innovative offer that, through the years, has seen new implementations, acquisitions and partnerships.

Today, ADD+PLUS offer includes new interactive formats and promotes cross-screen approaches through which brands can plan digital campaigns retargeting viewers on the TV set and on other devices, to extend the audience and to balance reach & frequency. We also introduced drive to store and drive to site attribution models that analyze the impact addressable advertising on Connected TV has in terms of visits in store or on the client’s website, providing brands with powerful insights on customers behaviours.
An offer”, Colombo concludes, “able to answer more specifically to the increasingly demand for measurement and communication needs of brands”.

“At Fincons Group, we have been investing in Hybrid and NextGen TV since the onset and are noticing an acceleration towards a new form of television every day, in every country we operate in. The future of TV is increasingly interactive, participative, personalized, addressable. These technologies are helping broadcasters respond to increasing competition and to changing consumer viewing behaviour so that they can grasp new monetization opportunities”, says Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO and CEO International at Fincons Group.

Oliver Botti, SVP Sales and Innovation Executive Director at Fincons Group adds: “Based on our international presence as thought leaders and from our sales conversations in both Europe and US, we can confirm that the time is now for broadcasters to monetize their content proposition with novel Addressable TV Advertising, DAI, and TV commerce. We are keen to see how the unprecedented advertising models and innovative solutions effectively deployed together with Publitalia ’80 have anticipated the current demand of the different markets and paved the way to an expected adoption at scale.”