Kaleyra partners with Fincons to transform digital collaboration in banking for Flowe

Mediolanum Bank’s digital challenger, Flowe, selects Fincons and Kaleyra for secure, seamless communications.

NEW YORK – 20 December, 2022 – Kaleyra, Inc. (NYSE: KLR) (NYSE American: KLR WS) (“Kaleyra” or the “Company”), a rapidly growing omnichannel business communications platform, has integrated Kaleyra Video, its proprietary audio and video solution, in the mobile application developed for Flowe, Italy’s new-age digital bank, to improve customer identification and fraud detection processes. The collaboration was made possible by Fincons Group, a leading international player in IT business consulting, technology, and system integration which has a long-term relationship with Flowe, supporting Mediolanum Group’s innovative digital bank across several projects.

Kaleyra Video’s capabilities combined with Fincons’ support have enabled Flowe to offer a personalized and secure experience. Flowe’s bankers can initialize and manage digital collaboration interactions with customers from within their apps to lead banking operations, processes and transactions into a secure and trustworthy environment to prevent and avoid fraud.

The branded calls sent from Flowe’s own app help customers immediately recognize a contact request coming from bank staff, improving the response rate and reinforcing trust in their services. Flowe’s name, logo, and colors appear on the customers’ mobile screens when they receive a call from one of the representatives. This visibility assures customers that the communication is safe and not at risk of vishing attacks.

Through the Kaleyra Video click-to-call feature, users can connect with the bank in just one click from Flowe’s app and don’t have to disclose any personal data. All the communications between Flowe and its customers run directly through Flowe’s app, and customers don’t have to use any external software or switch devices, also ensuring an outstanding user experience.

Flowe’s commitment towards providing its customers with safe and sustainable services is commendable. We thank Fincons for connecting us and enabling this collaboration. We are very happy to be a part of Flowe’s mission. We look forward to extending our association with them and enabling them to use Kaleyra Video for customer care purposes as well.

Mauro Carobene
Executive Vice-President & Chief Business Officer at Kaleyra

Fincons Group strongly believes in innovation and connecting clients with potential providers in our network, we have a long-standing and positive relationship with both Flowe and Kaleyra, and we knew Kaleyra Video would be the perfect fit for Flowe’s new app. The importance of cybersecurity and privacy, especially in the banking and financial services sector is growing, and focusing on providing more secure and recognizable communication channels between advisors and clients is the way forward.

Giuliano Altamura
General Manager Global Financial Services and Insurance Business Unit
& Country Manager UK