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UiPath Competence Center UiPath Competence Center

Innovation through automation

All businesses share the same challenges relating to operations, from achieving efficiency and service level improvements to reducing costs.

In this context of global competition, automation technologies can effectively support companies in reaching their saving goals by reducing human workload on repetitive and low-value tasks and empowering human capabilities to increase their performance.

In order to effectively support enterprises in designing and developing efficient end-to-end solutions that leverage automation benefits, Fincons has joined forces with UiPath, a leading innovative business automation platform provider that offers a best of breed combination of automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, API, Process Mining and Test Automation.

Fincons can count on a dedicated UiPath Competence Center with expert professionals able to realize operational efficiency projects by combining business, functional and technical skills.

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Process Mining

Automatic identification of how processes are actually being carried out by the company applications thanks to log analysis, with the aim of accurately discovering issues and bottlenecks and consequently acting to improve performance and efficiency.

Operations Automation

Leveraging on Robotic Process Automation technology (RPA) to build, deploy, run and manage software robots that emulate humans in the execution of high-frequency and repetitive operational tasks, to increase productivity, improve efficiency and free up people’s time for value-added tasks.

Testing Automation

Automatic execution of application tests, both functional, to check feature compliance against requirements, and non-functional, such as stress/performance/security tests. Automation can also be applied to test scheduling and to analyze test results, empowering the test factory department.


Operational cost reduction Operational cost reduction
High ROI High ROI
Increased productivity Increased productivity
Improved output quality Improved output quality
Fast solution implementation Fast solution implementation
High employee satisfaction High employee satisfaction
Optimized customer experience Optimized customer experience
Better process governance Better process governance
Why Fincons

Thanks to our vast expertise as a leading IT Consultancy and System Integrator, in Fincons we have developed a distinctive and experience-based approach to shape solutions that fully respond to specific companies’ automation needs. In fact, by analysing business processes, we help our clients discover and define required interventions.

As an authorized UiPath partner, we have a proven know-how when it comes to integrating and managing UiPath’s business automation platform that we’ve effectively implemented in several successful projects.

Last but not least, thanks to our scalable and flexible delivery model, we can provide high quality services and solutions at competitive rates.

Why Fincons

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