The Bari Delivery Center, an excellence hub

Made in Italy Smart-Shore is an alternative to offshoring that makes our proposal to national and international clients all the more unique. 

It is in fact possible to provide excellent IT services from Italy at competitive prices.

This is a signature offering in the sector that enables us to respond to client needs with skill, speed and greater efficiency. The high levels of employee retention and a work process that features both remote and on-site teams provide the client with a stable workgroup.

From its foundation in 2008 in Bari, the Delivery Center has grown stably both in terms of resources and of skills. Today it includes over 700 highly professional staff members with vertical market skills across several technologies, platforms and products.

Italian Smart-Shore is an alternative to offshoring that makes Fincons Group’s offering even more appealing to national and international clients.

We are thus able to offer excellent IT services at competitive prices from Italy to clients all over the world.

The FINCONS GROUP Delivery Center provides:

  • Application Management 
    through timely, high quality and reliable high value-add performance.
  • System Building 
    developing customised ready-to-deploy projects.

The Center of Excellence:

  • Has developed a flexible and agile working model with ad hoc combinations of remote and on-site teams, improving complex information flows.
  • Guarantees in-language services for international clients.
  • Supports specific skills around several technologies via its Competence Centers;
  • Offers training and refresher courses to its highly qualified teams (over 90% graduates) to keep skills up to date.
  • Is supported by the Fincons Group Network and partners with local universities contributing to the development of young IT talent.
  • Benefits from access to five Operative Hubs in Italy.


The Delivery Center’s efficiency and value are also reflected in the security and reliability of its services which follow tried-and-tested, rigorous procedures that are regularly audited and updated to meet the highest security standards.

The business’ exponential growth and constant focus on quality and innovation have led to the development of new premises that conform to the highest construction and technological standards. The new premises are in proximity to Bari airport guaranteeing improved access for international clients.