The Bari Delivery Center, partnership in excellence

Made in Italy Smart-Shore is a new working model that makes our offering to national and international clients all the more unique.

It enables us to provide excellent information technology services at competitive prices combined with logistical and cultural vicinity.

It is a unique service in the sector that allows faster and more efficient client response. High levels of retention and limited turnover guarantee the client stability and teams that work either on-site or remotely.

The Bari Delivery Center offers Application Management and System Building services and today is composed of 600 highly qualified professionals with vertical skills spanning various technologies, platforms and products.

Our flexibility and the efficiency of the Delivery Center make our offering highly competitive.

Italian Smart-Shore is an alternative to offshoring that makes Fincons Group’s offering even more appealing to national and international clients.

We are thus able to offer excellent IT services at competitive prices from Italy to clients all over the world.

Thanks to its Delivery Center, FINCONS GROUP provides:

  • Application Management 
    through timely, high quality and reliable high value-add performance;
  • System Building 
    rdeveloping customised ready-to-deploy projects.

Founded in 2008, the Delivery Center has continued to grow gradually both in terms of human resources and of skills available

Today it is a best practice example that::

  • Employs a team of over 600 highly qualified (90% graduates) human resources that do not change throughout the project as turnover is almost zero;
  • Is highly skilled across various technologies;
  • Has fine-tuned a tried-and-tested work process;
  • Guarantees services in various languages thanks to continuous investment in training;
  • Is supported by the FINCONS GROUP Network and by local Universities.