Advanced Management of Partner Performance

AMPPER - Advanced Management of Partner Performance is Fincons Group’s solution for partner performance evaluation.

It is a flexible solution, easily configured and adaptable to different business requirements (or application processes) thanks to its core components that enable the measurement, calculation and management of partner performance.


Maximum adaptability to each industry or Business Process


An E2E solution for partner performance management


  • Performance monitoring
    Visibility and management of partner performance
  • Simulation
    Simulation of the impact of new performance strategies
  • Calculation
    Calculation of bonuses and penalties for KPI and SLA-based agreements
  • Automation
    Automatic generation of contracts or addenda
  • Process monitoring
    Monitoring of every step of the process with full navigation
  • Portal
    Availability of a dedicated portal for partner self-service



AVA - AMPPER Virtual Assistant - is the new module of AMPPER, Fincons Group's solution for business partners performance evaluation. AVA automates and speeds up incentive compensation activities usually performed manually, preventing errors and time loss. At the core of this new module lie innovative Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.


  • Rules Configurator: reads text from an agreement or from other sources and automatically creates rules in the AMPPER system.
  • Chatbot Assistant: Partners and client users can get in touch with AVA using a dedicated chatbot. They can ask questions about most parts of the information included in the AMPPER system.


Our proprietary solutions
Other Proprietary Solutions
SDP Smart Digital Platform
SDP Smart Digital Platform

SDP is the first platform to be entirely compatible with both HbbTV and ATSC3.0 standards and is built to integrate with the latest standards, but it is also ready to be expanded and personalised as new technology becomes available.


FiscalOne optimises and standardises taxation processes and guarantees fiscal data handling. The solution measures, manages, traces and monitors all the information required for fiscal processes from a single access point.


AMPPER measures and manages business partners both in terms of sales (agents, networks, intermediaries…), and in terms of operations (management outsourcing, installation, maintenance…) guaranteeing the highest configuration speed.


Commerce4Media supports the creation of personalised offers for clusters of clients and content.

Based on Magento, it is a "ready-to-use" tool to sell, manage and distribute multimedia content online everywhere and at any time.



Fincons Fast Data Lake
Fincons Fast Data Lake

Fincons Fast Data Lake offers the opportunity to build APIs reading data fed by legacy systems in near real-time from a High Performance Data Store.

The solution is the result of Fincons’ experience in technology and its investment in scouting of market components.